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Beachfront House Rental. Make Your Vacation Memorable

You could spend your honeymoon in a high rise resort and stare at the ocean from your sealed window, or check into our beachfront house and sink your toes into the warm white sands of Galu Beach. Avoid dealing with hotel staff and nosy neighbors for your entire week when you enjoy the privacy found in our Seaside Villa One property. Explore the long stretch of the beach, go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or kite surfing all within a short from your front door.


Select our house with a private pool, lie back on a sun bed and relax in luxury while spending your days in the sun. We provide a personal cook for you, a full-sized kitchen, laundry, internet and fabulous living & dining areas. There's a big outdoor terrace / patio with sun beds and dining table for a relaxing meal. If you are planning your escape during peak holiday periods, ask us today to reserve your house rental today.

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