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To Rent or To Buy: That’s the Question

Sometimes a financial situation or other problems can prevent a person from buying a home. Even if you can’t afford a down-payment or a mortgage right away, there are other options besides living in an apartment complex. House rentals offer a cost-effective option which might be just what you’re looking for.

When people consider buying a home, it’s because there are many advantages home ownership can offer. First, there is more privacy. It can be difficult to live your life freely when you are living in an apartment complex. Some people are just naturally interested in invading the privacy of people who live so close to them.

The advantages of a rental home

Rental homes provide the same privacy levels you would have if you were buying a home. You live in a standalone structure not connected to another person’s house. You go through life exactly as a homeowner would, living in a home rather than an apartment, enjoying your own backyard, making your home comfortable, and keeping your personal life to yourself.

When you go with house rentals instead of buying a home, the amount you are paying for housing is less. Instead of being tied to a mortgage for decades, you have the freedom an annual lease offers. A bonus with house rentals is the fact that the maintenance of the home is the owner’s responsibility, not yours.

Differences in financial obligations

The disadvantages of a rented home are few. The first is the fact that you can take mortgage payments off as a tax deduction. With a rental, this deduction isn’t allowed. Secondly, while your mortgage payment is a fixed amount that you will pay each month, rental agreements can change and you could end up paying more in rent every month.

Other benefits which befall a renter are no property taxes. Depending on what area a home is located in, property taxes can be costly, and they must be paid annually. In some places, failure to pay property taxes can result in losing a home. It can also be put as a lien on your property should you try to sell your house.

Property values do not always go up; sometimes they decline. There are circumstances when property values can decrease causing you to lose money on a huge financial investment. In financial times when values plummet, renters are not directly affected in the same way homeowners are.

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