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Enjoy a Comfortable Seaside Stay in Our Rental Homes

Hotels can be crowded, noisy, and impersonal, which just adds more stress to your holiday. Escape from everybody when you opt for one of our rental homes at Seaside Villa One. Open the doors and windows wide on your beach side villa and enjoy the peacefulness while sipping your favorite beverage in our own house. Our rental home is fully furnished and thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. Hidden within the garden setting of 'Tamani' on Galu Beach, leave the flourescent lights of those high-powered resorts for another time.


Our house is not far from the city of Mombasa, allowing you to access the historic Old Fort, the Old Town, restaurants and other sights. Take your vacation at your own pace while wrapped in the comforting surrounds of a home. Click or call to reserve yours today.

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