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Find Peace and Solitude with Vacation Home Rentals

You could get a room at the resort hotel and spend your week trying to avoid other tourists, housekeeping, and rambunctious kids. Instead, check out our vacation home rentals and stretch out on the brilliant white-sand beach to enjoy the quiet of the sun and surf. At Seaside Villa One we offer a great house with wonderful staff, ready to cater to your personal requirements. Find one on this secluded section of beach


The Diani Beach area is known for swimming, kite surfing, and snorkeling. Find a warm welcome at a local beachside restaurant or avoid all the people when you eat next to your private pool and are served by our gourmet cook. Rent your escape for a weekend, a whole week, or an entire month. We can match your hopes with our luxurious and  affordable house with enough room for the whole family. Give us a call to reserve your vacation rental today.

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